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Trout Fishing At The Equator!

The Aberdare rivers offer some of the best trout fishing spots in Kenya. Chania, Gura and Amboni rivers are all worth a cast and although the trouts are small, they are plentiful. The brown and rainbow trout found in these rivers are not indigenous to Kenya. They trace their origins back to Lock Leven in Scotland, from where they were first imported into Kenya in 1905 by Lt. Colonel Ewart Grogan. The best fishing areas are generally found above the 2,000m level. It generally goes that the higher the altitude, the smaller the trout.

Mt. Kenya’s tarns (Lake Rutundu and Lake Alice) offers the finnest trout fishing in East Africa. Rainbow trout of above two pounds are the “average” and monsters of six to eight pounds are frequently encountered. At Lake Rutundu, a boat/punt  is provided and there are three casting platforms.

Camel Riding

In a convoy of four dromedary camels and two local guides, the team slowly conquers the trail in the semi arid Samburu area.  Six feet above the ground, you can see the distance ranges where the next camping is set awaiting your arrival. Camel riding is a common touristic activity in the Samburu and part of Laikipia areas where the nomadic pastoralists live.

The Derby International Camel race is held in August/September every year. The three days fun event is the most precious camel race in Africa. This great social event raises funds to help alleviate water and education problems for the local people while preventing degradations and desertification in the area.

Cave Exploration

The tubular winding cave is becoming darker with every step. The squealing sounds of thousands of bats as the welcome you to the cave.

Kenya is has some of the most scenic but least explored caves. Mt  Elgon has four accessible caves; Kitum, Makingeny, Chepnyalil and Ngwarisha. . The Kitum cave is the only cave in the world known to be visited by elephants, bushbuck, duiker and buffalo. Makingeny cave has a spectacular waterfall over its mouth. Leviathan, the second largest lava flow in the world.  It extends 13 km beneath the Chyullu hills and in some places is half a km wide.

Team Building

Team 1 is through with going through the spider web challenge.  Team 2, the managing director being a member, is working tirelessly to ensure they go all the way through. The teams cheer, clap, give conflicting advice and gape as the last member is literally squeezed into the only remaining opening….

The African bush offer s some of the most challenging team building sites for corporate, groups and associations.  Combined with adventure, team building not only helps the participants and the organizations as well.

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