Bird Watching

1096 bird species have officially been recorded in East Africa. Kenya holds the world’s record of the most birds seen within 24 hours (342 birds’ species).  826 bird species have been recorded in 26 days.

With 60 IBAs, Kenya offers excellent sites for bird watching- simmering hot soda pans, papyrus swamps, cool alpine zones, tussock grassland, desert scrubs, remnants of tropical forests, wetlands….

Globally endangered, globally threatened, endemic and paleo- arctic birds can all be recorded in East Africa.

Major bird hot spots in Kenya include Lake Nakuru, Lake Baringo, Arabuko Sokoke, Magadi, Kakamega Forest and the Chelegani hills. Bird ringing for the migrant birds is done in Tsavo West National Park every September.

Our birding safaris cover most of these IBAs and where a client has specific requests, we are always flexible to meet their needs.

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