Cultural And Archaeological Tours

Kenya has a diverse and vibrant culture made up of forty two ethnic groups with numerous dialects and languages. Interestingly, each ethnic group adopts a different value system and cultural beliefs including the musical instruments used for their cultural songs and dances.

The best  way to gain an insight into Kenya’s many  unique cultures is to  visit  villages and remote communities with  a local  guide, who  will  help  you develop  an  understanding of the local  lives, customs and traditions.

Internationally known for its paleontologist and archaeological site, Kenya has earned the reputation of the Cradle of Mankind. Fossils recovered from sites such as Koobi ForaOlorgasailie and Hyrax Hill have provided vital information about evolution of man.  Interested in knowing the origin of man?  Visit Lake Turkana…

The local guide gives a full interpretation of the site with precision- how the excavations were done, the discoveries and even the possibilities of more fossils beneath the ground.  As he winds up he mentions the routes used by the long distance traders. The trails are still intact, well beaten foot path.  At a distance you can see the ruins which the guide says used to be the holding area for ivory and slaves enroute to the Indian Ocean for export to Europe and Far East.

With over fifteen archeological sites, five of them exhibiting signs of the origin of man, Kenya is truly the ‘Cradle of Mankind’. The Koobi Fora and Olorgasaile sites are the two famous sites in Kenya where remains of the Homo Habilis and Homo erectus have been discovered.

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