Important Bird Areas (IBAs) In Kenya

There are currently over 60 IBA sites in Kenya covering a bewildering array of habitats. Our birding safaris cover most of these IBAs and where a client has specific requests, we are always flexible to meet their needs. Just contact us and we shall tailor-make a program that fits your needs. Click to download document

Languages Of Kenya

Republic of Kenya, Jamhuriya ya Kenya. 35,599,000. National or official languages: Kiswahili [swh], English. Literacy rate: 61% (1999 official government figure). Immigrant languages: American Sign Language, Hadrami Spoken Arabic (10,000), Hindi, Maay, Ta’izzi-Adeni Spoken Arabic (10,000). Information mainly from M. Amukobole, A. Majola, J. Mutiga, M. Muthwii, S. Nicolle, M. Njoroge, J. Ommani, and M. Wekundah 2007; J. Bendor-Samuel and Hartell 1989; BTL 1983-2007; Heine and Möhlig 1980; W. Whiteley 1969, 1974. Blind population: 70,000. Deaf institutions: 25. The number of individual languages listed for Kenya is 69. Of those, all are living languages. Click to download document

List Of Birds Of Kenya

This is a list of the bird species recorded in Kenya. The avifauna of Kenya includes a total of 1132 species, of which seven are endemic, six have been introduced by humans, and three are rare or accidental. One species listed is extirpated in Kenya and is not included in the species count. Twenty-three species are globally threatened. Click to download document

List Of Kenya Tribes

With 42 distinct cultures, countless languages and dialects, Kenya is one of the most richly diverse social mosaic on earth.

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Kenya Historical And Archaeological Sites

Kenya is endowed with natural beauty and a rich pre-historic record that dates back over 100 million years ago, way back into the age of dinosaurs.

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