The Eastern Africa region boasts of the three snow capped mountains in Africa. Mt Kilimanjaro (5 892m), Mt. Kenya (5 199m) and Ruwenzori Ranges (5,105m). All these mountains are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is referred to as the rooftop of Africa. It is an easy climb and anyone from a seasoned trekker to a fit first time enthusiast can scale the snowy peak.

Mt. Kenya is a more difficult climb. It requires a minimum of three days to conquer the highest peak- Batian. It is a perfect climber’s practice site for those wishing to conquer the Everest. The Batian peak is accessible through six different routes all with different challenges.

Other East African mountains include Mt. Elgon (4 310m) and Mt. Meru (4 563m).

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