Rwanda is a small central African Nation situated to the west of Tanzania and to the north of Burundi. It is a western arm of the Great Rift Valley, on the watershed between the Nile and the Congo, Africa’s two largest rivers. The country is covered with green grasslands, breath taking mountains views and volcanoes.

It is home to the amazing mountain gorillas which inhabit par de volcanoes providing wonderful gorilla tracking adventures for those on safari to Rwanda. Other interests are cultural and heritage tourism, wildlife safaris to the national parks of Nyungwe national park, Akagera Game Park with its exquisite game lodge – Akagera game lodge. Lake is Kivu the deepest fresh water lake in the world.

A treasure revealing Africa’s hottest new eco-tourism destination for the adventurous and discerning traveler. The physical beauty of the country is unique on the African continent.

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