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Kenya is the cradle of mankind, land of adventure and diversity. It is a cultural microcosm of Africa. It is the origin of the ‘millennium man’ where 6 million years ago the ‘Orrorin” first walked down the Tugen Hills. Kenya has a rich pristine mixture of cultures, people and natural resources which has remained unchanged from the earliest days of man’s evolution.  With forty two (42) cultural tribes and sixty nine (69) dialects, Kenya is the premier destination for cultural, archeological, historic and event tours and expeditions.

From the enchanted island of Lamu Archipelago which exhibits signs of 1000 years old civilization to the ancient 16th century Gede Ruins, Kenya has some of the best historic sites.  The last surviving dhow harbor of Mombasa Old Town and its narrow streets have a rich cultural history.

Kenya is a multi colored  hub  of ethnic diversity spanning  from nomadic pastoralists,  hunters and gatherers to world renown athletes and dreaded warriors, each  ethnic has  its own  distinctive heritage, art  and craft, music and dances,  rites and ritual  and customs.
Ever smiling, warm and welcoming Kenyans are united by the phrases ‘Jambo’ and ‘Hakuna Matata’.

African Thrills specialize in personalized and professional cultural tours, archaeological tours, event tours, bird watching expeditions, cave exploration, photography and filming expeditions.

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